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This Artwork is Fro Sale at Tincleton Gallery Dorset PLEASE CONTACT GALLERY DIRECTLY

- Painted with the finest artist quality oil paints 

- Ready to Hang

- Unframed 30x40" - 76x101cms 

- Style: Impressionist/Expressionist

- Subject: Landscapes, sea and sky

-Any questions drop me an email


Secrets Of The Marsh Colours Revealed

  • Ever since childhood I have been captivated by the sea, in particular where it meets the land. Its constantly changing colours and textures are mesmerising.  Strolling along the shoreline or clifftop deliver such evocative sights,sounds and smells leaving imprints of so many varying emotions in one's memory.  My coastal seascape paintings are influenced by my passion to convey these emotions in all their colours.   This piece was inspired by these very same emotions rekindled by way of my colour studies and sketches in the studio.  The quality of light and mood is both ephemereal  and yet enduring.  

  • Please refer to FAQs section for full details

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