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Reflections on the landscape

I am a full time independent artist based in the UK who paints contemporary landscapes and seascapes using traditional oil painting techniques.

My expressionist approach is inspired by the natural forces of the ever changing landscape.  The initial emotional response to this landscape is captured with sketches and drawings which are then worked from in my studio.

I have a diploma from the Royal Society of Arts, graduating from Christies in London (1989).

My work is in private collections in Europe, America and Australia and is represented by commercial galleries.

A Selection of Galleries and Exhibitions

Lauderdale House Gallery - London

Bank Gallery - Surrey

Upfront Gallery - Cumbria

St Barbe Museum - Lymington

New Forest Gallery - Hampshire

Oxmarket Galleries - Chichester

Lighthouse Gallery - Woking

Atkinson Gallery - Somerset

Tincleton Gallery - Dorset

Viridian Gallery - Cumbria

Old Courthouse Gallery - Cumbria

Collectors :- My collectors react to the  evocative and atmospheric qualities of my artworks.  I have sold into Europe, Australia and America. 

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