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Capturing The Landscape 


Nothing can be better than being surrounded by the drama of the landscape.

Firstly absorbing the landscape through experience, its surprises and never ending vistas by walking and looking – always feeling a response to the challenge of being able to translate this beauty onto a canvas.  


Secondly when considering subject matter a myriad of choices are always available for selection, a distant mountain, a solitary tarn, clouds scudding across the horizon or sun glinting off the rocks.


Now back in the studio, I consolidate my thoughts using the studies, photos and reference material gathered plein air and planning starts in earnest.  The technique of painting then has to be combined with the source material in a way that maintains the freshness of the initial response. 

Further studies then ensue to test the composition before considering the colour palette to be selected to best reflect the intention and brush can be put to canvas.  The true creativity starts which is always part mystery part planned.  Adjustments and reactions to the overall compositional image being made as part of the process towards the finished artwork.


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